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Martinique Yacht charter
• Active Sailing Boat : unforgetable holidays !

The pirates/sailors were not mistaken there, they had chosen a faboulous place of action/attack! The Carribean sea is the paradise of the navigators : constant wind, pleasant tepid and clear water, sight navigation, numerous moorings as well as ideal conditions for experienced and novice sailor.

Grenadines yacht charter
Only a tour enables you to enjoy the beauty of the archipelago completely by boarding a sailboat, you discover from Islands to stones. After Swimming in the afternoon comes shipping under the bright sun.

To each day, its destination. This is the occasion to discover a waterfall lost in the lush vegetation, a colorful local market, a nice Creole hut. Not to mention diving in turquoise waters and lounging idly on a sun-dappled white sandy beach.

Discover Martinique, St-Lucia & the Grenadines

You board a high-performance boat of 14 or 15 meters manned by a professional skipper who perfectly knows the area of navigation. He is also a nice coach who will guarantee the success of your stay. You will man, handle the boat and sail at your ease. According to your level, the skipper can initiate you to navigation or guide you along. In any case, your participation is strongly required to handle the operations and control the direction in which the boat travels.

Yacht charter Martinique
When the sun sets, a « Ti punch” or a pina colada cocktail is served. Voyagers discuss the abundant catch of the day, the next destination and the dinner menu....The preparation of the dinner always ensures a friendly atmosphere. This is entirely entrusted to the participants who take advantage of the experience

A lot of basic provisions are delivered before getting onboard.
During the trip, you can buy a few supplies…some bread, fish and lobsters according to the season, fruits and vegetables in shops or at the market where the air is perfumed with bags of Colombo seasoning and spices, cinnamon bark, cocoa bars, pyramids of starfruits, christophine vegetables, guavas and pumpkins.

Yacht charter Grenadines
We chose the most beautiful boats in the French shipyards : a single-hull sailing ship of 14 and 15 meters welcoming 6 or 8 guests accommodated in 3 or 4 double cabins with toilets.
The skipper always has a separate cabin.

Everything is designed for your comfort and the pleasure of sailing : spacious cabins, complete bedding (cloths, pillows, towels), cassette player in the square, a furling genoa to help in the operations, a bimini top, barbecue, shower, dinghy with engine and snorkel.

Martinique & the Grenadines
Do not leave without your sun cream providing high protection and sunglasses. Use a bag or tote (no suitcases allowed) for your shorts, tee-shirts, swimsuits, swimming trunks, suitable shoes or tennis shoes with white soles, long-sleeved shirts in case of sunstroke. Of course, don’t forget your passport !
• Sailing specials:

."Douceur Créole" :
Guadeloupe’s archipelago, departure and return from Guadeloupe, 8 days et 7 nights.
Martinique & Grenadines Yacht Charter

. Active Sailing Boat :
Sailing "à la carte". Select your itinerary, dates and embark you for an active sailing trip.
A la carte Caribbean Yacht Charter