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The Tourist Board Council of the Guadeloupe Islands in Pointe à Pitre
www.go2guadeloupe.com website belong to the Tourist Board Council of the Guadeloupe Islands which is in charge of the touristic promotion of Guadeloupe Islands.

The Tourist Board Council of the Guadeloupe Islands was set up on the 12th December 2003 by the Departmental and Regional authorities. The total budget allocated to this structure for the year 2004 is 8,837,000 euros, of which 1,634,306 euros are earmarked for the operating budget and 7,199,310 euros for investment.

The “Pôle Guadeloupe Tourisme”
(tourism management division)
Its aim is to implement the framework for the development and planning program for tourism, and all or part of the tourism strategy, particularly in the following areas - research, planning, development, facilities, accommodations, and specialist support for marketing. It will also ensure the control and follow-up of the above mentioned actions : the production of statistics and statistical tools ; the development and implementation of promotional activities for Guadeloupe tourism at local, national and international level, as agreed by the regional assemblies. Its role is also to ensure the development, promotion, and support for the marketing of tourist products, in collaboration with professionals and other bodies with an interest in the tourist industry, as well as with any local entity set up for this purpose. It may provide specialist assistance (such as advice, monitoring, control) to bodies, local government and businesses or others with an interest in promoting tourism.

The “Pôle Guadeloupe Bonjour”
(cultural division)
Its mission is to provide a welcome at the entry points to Guadeloupe (airport, autonomous port of Pointe-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre) and possibly out of Guadeloupe. It is responsible for the setting up, supervision and management of a database of sites and tourist products in association with the tourist information offices via the internet. It follows closely the creation, support and associated organization of major events which highlight the natural, cultural and historic heritage of the Guadeloupe islands.

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