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Sport fishing
The West Indies are a paradise for fishermen. Many people on Désirade, Saintes and in the communes along the seafront in Guadeloupe live solely on the resources from the sea. It must be said that the fish are abundant and that you can find, especially in the canals which separate the islands, fearsome predators which will be the joy of all sportive fishing amateurs.
Sea predators are also the biggest specimen of fish. A blue marlin can reach up to 500kg. You can easily imagine the incredible resistance that such an animal can give to the efforts of fishermen. Whether or not it could be classed as a sport, there is only one step that a lot of enthusiasts have taken to make big game fishing what it is today, a flourishing and popular activity in the West Indies. It has to be said that the fish do stand a chance. At any time, it can escape or cause the string to snap. Because real big game fishing enthusiasts play on the limits of the string's resistance by using fine string of 50, or even 30 pounds. So, once the harness is tied to the reel, it is a real fight which can last up to several hours. When marlins are under 50 kg, more lenient and sporty fishermen just mark them before letting them go again. Other catches become photo souvenirs and a good meal.

From big and powerful boats, enthusiasts fish using dragnets with artificial bait or natural bait. You need to go far from the coast until you reach the canals where the water gets deep and where the pelagic species like tuna, sea breams, sharks, thazards, marlins and swordfish inhabit. More and more in use off the coast of the West Indies, the mechanisms for concentrated fishing are a guarantee for abundant catches. They are often just a plain cable attached to a ring and weighed down with a car engine, on to which the plankton develops to attract the small fish who are particularly fond of them and who then attract the larger fish themselves. This way the mechanism for concentrated fishing is recreated artificially in the open sea as a whole ecosystem where the big predators are at the end of the food chain, just before man, of course, who takes advantage of this concentration to put his lines in. With these mechanisms detected by GPS, the big game fishing organizers are certain of the position where they take the big game fishing enthusiasts.

In Guadeloupe, the Côte sous le vent is the ideal starting point to go game fishing. Many companies offer big game fishing sessions which are very affordable which includes a meal and drink. The price is reduced for people accompanying the fishermen.