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A sporting vacation in Guadeloupe.
Guadeloupe is an exceptional sports ground and the intense sporting activity which is present on the island proves it. Guadeloupe can be proud of having produced many champions for France.
Aside from the ball games and traditional activities organized by the hotels, Guadeloupe has many sport clubs. This is your opportunity to play your favorite sports in unusual conditions or to introduce yourself to new sports, because very often in Guadeloupe, sport rhymes with discovery.

Golf : in Saint François there is a magnificent international 18 hole golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones which is very popular with enthusiasts. Please note that the UCPA organizes courses for all levels.

-Windsurfing : when the Alizés set in or during the rainy season, regular wind makes windsurfing easier. Unfortunately, except in hotel clubs, few clubs offer equipment rental. Please note that the UCPA organizes courses for all levels.

-Surfing : a few beaches along the Atlantic coast and the odd beach in the Caribbean coast offers favorable conditions for surfing, but beware of crowds in certain spots like at Le Moule. Less frequented, the beaches of Petit Havre or l’Anse à la Barque are accessible to beginners. But the best is to know one of those «secret spots » known by the odd experienced surfer and being accepted there.

-Big game fishing : waters in the West Indies have an abundance of marlins, thazars, bonitos, breams and other pelagic fish. Many boats organize day fishing, from the Bas du Fort marina, Deshaies or Bouillante.

-Deep sea diving : for beginners as well as for certified divers, diving spots are abundant. Clear waters, a multitude of fish, some wreckages, enough to enchant all enthusiasts. The majority of diving clubs are grouped together in Malendure (Bouillante) near the Cousteau Reserve. Other clubs also offer outings to exceptional sites like the Port Louis archs, the Saint François lagoon or the big coral barrier of Sainte Rose.
But Guadeloupe waters are also suitable for ordinary diving with a mask, a tuba and flippers.

Kite-surfing : This sport has been getting more and more popular over the years in the lagoons on the Carribean coast, especially at the Bois Jolan beach (Sainte Anne) where you can be initiated to the joys of this new style of surf.

-Water skiing : People mainly ski on the Caribbean coast where the waters are calmer but it is also popular in the lagoons. You can inquire about water skiing in the clubs of big hotels along the coast or at the Baie-Mahaultclub , the largest on the island, for discovering or perfecting under the supervision of qualified guides.

Kayaking : Apart from the Moule club where it is really considered a sport, it is more often used to discover mangrove. Some companies offer very interesting hikes with a guide.

-Jet ski : Nowadays, a ride on a jet ski is indispensable while on holiday in Guadeloupe. Besides the fact that it is an original way to discover the coast, it is really a guaranteed source of sensations! Several clubs offer outings from a few hours long to a whole day. The equipment is often brand new. And you don't need a sailing license for these trips because they are supervised by qualified guides.

Quad rides : this is an appropriate means for discovering the coasts of Grande Terre. With its four wheels and its low guard it can get through and climb anywhere. After several minutes to master how to drive one, it actually is quite easy to drive a quad and so many difficult footpaths and sites open before visitors which would have been inaccessible otherwise. Several clubs in Sainte Anne, Saint François and Gosier offer rides a couple of hours long to whole days riding. An absolute must !

-Horseback riding : Several clubs, mainly in Basse Terre, allow riders passing through to satisfy their passion but also enable beginners to be introduced to horseback riding. Fantastic treks are available to enthusiasts in unusual settings, like the beach or the tropical forest.

-Rides in 4 wheel drives : an original way to discover Guadeloupe, it is more and more popular among visitors. In Grande Terre or Basse Terre, in the cane fields or banana plantations, between rum and tradition, different day trips are on the agenda of these new kind of guided tour.

-Canyon and flowing water sports : When you are called the island with the gorgeous waters, it is an obligation for you to offer activities which merit this name and it is the case. Cascades, chutes, and slides will please amateurs. But also on the agenda are rappelling, rope bridges and monkey bridges for the more reckless. The tropical forest is an exceptional playground of which the qualified guides open the gates in optimum security conditions.

-Hiking : with over 300 kms of paths and tracks, in the mountains, on the coasts or inland, hikers will be satisfied. Please refer to : hiking in Guadeloupe

-Mountain biking: cycling is a very popular sport in Guadeloupe. Recently, more and more brave tourists face the sun and choose mountain biking to discover the paths of Guadeloupe.