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The sun sets early under these latitudes, but when night falls, bars open their doors to welcome night owls. Theme bars or traditional bars, there is something for everyone.
An increasing amount of bars are opening in the Antilles even though there are still not many. Visited mainly by metropolitan French, tourists or locals, and a fringe of youth from the Antilles, they are essentially located in the big towns and seaside resorts.

Each bar is organized around a concept and a theme, for example, latin-american music, which is particularly popular today. Well executed and original decor is the required minimum in the race to seduce party goers. Good music and friendly bartenders are also essential to be amongst the most popular places for nightlife in the Antilles. Not very busy during the week, they fill up towards the weekend and are essential stops before going clubbing.

Guadeloupe is not known for its party places like in other parts of the West Indies, in Saint Martin for example, but there are still parties to go to. Careful decoration, original concepts and atmosphere guaranteed!

It would be difficult to mention all the bars in Guadeloupe, only a few will be mentioned here out of the most popular nightlife places in Guadeloupe. The Marina of Pointe à Pitre has the largest choice of bars, like the Coyote Café, the Indiana Bar or the Zoorock café, a true local institution. At the heart of the Bas du Fort Hotels the Spy Bar offers its cozy-jazz atmosphere to a young and chic clientele.The other bars are mostly situated in seaside resorts like Le Gosier, Saint François or Saint Anne. A Special mention for the bar "Cubano de Gosier" which, next to the restaurant le Lollapalloza, has become a must-see at night and receives the ''beautiful people'' of the island as well as all latin music lovers.