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One-armed bandits or gaming tables ? For the people who get a real thrill from gambling, the French West Indies accomodate two casinos in Guadeloupe !
The die is cast, anything goes… Unrepentant or occasional players, no less than four casinos offer big luxurious and air conditioned rooms to satisfy your taste for gambling. Access to money machines (electronic jackpots and pokers) is free and all adults are authorized to play. The minimum outlay is 20 eurocentimes. The West Indians are betting enthusiasts and enjoy gambling. So it won't be surprising to find crowds of them sit for long hours in front of the one-armed bandits. It is important before choosing a machine to make sure it doesn't contain any credits because some players take a break or reserve a machine they think is more of an "earner" than others.
To access the 'gaming tables'' area, you must pay. Whichever room you choose, appropriate clothes are required.

Casino de Gosier, Pointe de la Verdure, Guadeloupe
Casino de Saint François, avenue de l’Europe, Guadeloupe