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Towns and Villages > Bouillante & Malendure

Bouillante and Malendure
Activity of Bouillante parish is all focusing on the sea. The village’s popularity is all due to the sea. The Bouillante Natural Reserve located in front of the beach of Malendure is the current high place of diving in Guadeloupe.
The Bouillante parish is named after hot water sources flowing all over town on the mountainside of a nearby active volcano in the sea close to the shore. This intense geothermal activity justified the creation in 1969 of a geothermal central to produce electrical power for the residents of the parish area, which represents 3% of the total production of electrical power on the island.

Today, people come to Bouillante for its beach at Malendure where thousands of divers go each year. Made popular by Jacques Cousteau’s movie « Le Monde du Silence » this area of 400ha located around Pigeon islet has the status of a natural reserve and its exceptional fauna and flora have since been strictly protected. The site benefits from an abundance of species, especially sea turtles, to attract many visitors. The bay’s shallow waters have served for many as a starting point in the sport of diving. The downside of this success is that the beautiful grey beach of Malendure has been invaded by diving clubs and shops. Those who prefer to stay dry can still look at submarine life by boarding on a glass-bottom boat.

Bouillante is also known for high-sea fishing and many boats offer you to try catch marlins in Les Saintes canal.