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Towns and Villages > Le Gosier

Le Gosier
7 km from Pointe à Pitre, le Gosier is an important and particularly valued seaside resort. The parish offers a large range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to bed and breakfast. It’s also the heart of the island’s night life with a large choice of popular restaurants, bars, clubs and a casino for visitors, from Bas du Fort to Pointe de la Verdure.
The parish is named after a lost pelican, the “Grand Gosier” which lived in the area at the time of colonisation. Tourism brought development in the parish to turn it into Guadeloupe’s premier seaside resort. Two other parishes of Grande-Terre, Sainte Anne and Saint François have since became great rivals.

Gosier benefits from an exceptional location: at the rim of Pointe à Pitre it’s the entrance door to Grande-Terre and linked to the island’s main roads, Gosier is halfway to everywhere. It’s the ideal starting point to tour around the island, which makes it so popular along with its beaches.

At the exit of Pointe à Pitre, the Bas du Fort quarter is named after Fort Fleur d’Epée, sitting on top of the hillock. Built in the 18th century, the Vauban-style was recently restored. This place is well maintained and much appreciated by visitors because of the panoramic view. Bas du Fort is an important tourism centre. Many hotels are located around wonderful beaches of artificial white sand stretching to the end of this peninsula. Restaurants, bars and clubs add to the area’s liveliness.

Closer to Gosier’s entrance, a line of popular bars, clubs and restaurants lead you to the Pointe de la Verdure quarter with its numerous hotels on a peninsula between sea and mangrove. Most of the hotels’ beaches are artificial but nonetheless charming. You must cross the hotels’ lobby to access the beach. Deck chairs are reserved to clients or can be rented for the day.

Recently reshaped, Gosier’s borough has nothing much to offer but its shops and restaurants on the main street. The city beach is cute but narrow. The sight is beautiful on all Basse-Terre and its mountains buts also on the charming Gosier islet and its lighthouse. From the little Gosier port, fishermen bring the visitor to the islet which white beaches are valued even by locals. Gosier is very crowded on weekends so think about a weekday visit to benefit from the islet’s Robinson feel.

On the road to Sainte Anne, many other beautiful beaches are worth the stop. First Saint Felix’s beach is very popular with the local population. Simple, dark sand, sprinkled with wood as if petrified. Further down the road, the Salines beach is a favourite with sailboard lovers. Sometimes covered with algae due to its location, this beach remains beautiful and wild. After Marie-Gaillard, the beach of Petit Havre is a real hit. The cove is appreciated by surfers who are often just a few meters away from great conditions for their favorite sport.