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Towns and Villages > Pointe-Noire

Pointe Noire
In the heart of the windy coastland with its back to the mountain and facing the sea, Pointe Noire is a small village with a great atmosphere and several landmarks.
The Pointe Noire parish is named after the black volcano rocks sprinkling north of the village. The main street crosses town and is filled with shops. All the borough has to offer is a sympathetic and warm ambiance. Here, time seems to move slower and invites everybody to nonchalance. Until the Traversée road came across the mountain through the Deux Mamelles pass, Pointe Noire was a very remote parish and reaching Pointe à Pitre was a long and fastidious enterprise. Now, the parish is only half an hour away from the island’s economic centre. This disenclavement has considerably instigated its tourism vocation which now prides in its numerous attractions, resurrecting the area’s economic and cultural past:
- The House of Wood where you can discover the islands’ different wood species and how they are used;
- The House of Cocoa to discover all the process from the pod to bean transformation;
- The Beauséjour Coffee Plantation where you’ll find a restored plantation, a continental restaurant and a wooded park with exceptional sights : all the ingredients for a visit to remember;
- The Vanilla Casa presents all the inebriating charms of this orchid that has been the economic heart of the windy coast;

Seaside and all along the waterfront road, many beaches invite you to swim, such as the Caraibe beach and its Seashell Museum.
Mountainside, there are the many paths open to hikers in the luxurious tropical forest; a visit to Saut d’Acomat is strongly recommended. It is a beautiful basin to bathe, dug in by beautiful waterfalls where the young reckless dare to take a spectacular dive.