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The postcard beaches of Karukera
Guadeloupe beaches offer incredible diversity, with its white or black sand, bordering a crystal-clear lagoon or battered by waves, fringed with palm trees or sea grapes, man-made or wild.
To the South of Grande-terre, the beaches face the Carribean Sea. Often calmer than its Atlantic big sister, its waters are also hotter, and more specifically in the lagoons with their captive waters.

At Bas du Fort and on the edge of greenery, the beaches are bordered by hotels and are man-made. The beach of Gosier is charming, although short and narrow, but presents a great view onto the island of Gosier which faces it. On the road to Sainte Anne, the beaches of the Pointe Canot, the Salines or Petits Havre are particularly favored by the locals. Towards Sainte Anne, the coral barrier contains the waters in sumptuous lagoons whose shallow depths favours transparence and exceptional gradations of blue. Beaches from out of your dreams with palm trees nonchalantly bent over turquoise waters, like at the Cravelle beach, unanimously considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, the municipal beach or the Bois Jolan beach. In Saint François also whose proximity to the coral barrier offers magnificent beaches, from the Anse to the barque at the Pointe des Châteaux.

To the North of Grande-terre, on the Atlantic side, the Salines, Tarare, the Anse and la Gourde or the Anse à l’eau are sumptuous beaches with white sand that have kept their wild charm and authenticity. The beach of the Autre Bord du Moule, the Chapelle at Anse Bertrand beach or the Souffleur beach in Port Louis are as many marvels who all have their enthusiasts.

To the West of Basse-terre, the « Côte sous le vent » offers an abundance of beaches. In the South white and shiny, the sand darkens as you travel to the north point. From the Cluny beach to Bouillante, there is a succession of beaches in the folds of the small coves,which are surrounded by hills, and these are real little jewels such as La Perle (the Pearl) beach, whose name fits it like a glove.

To the east of Basse-terre, as you go back up toward Pointe à Pitre, you will come across scattered out beaches, with black sand first, that get lighter as you go from the Roseau beach to the Viard beach.

Wherever you may be in Guadeloupe, you're never far from a beautiful beach !