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Tourist spots
Guadeloupe doesn't just have beautiful beaches to offer. For visitors who don't intend to just sunbathe, it offers a large range of settings to discover, diversity and richness essential for understanding the Creole soul.
A number of vestiges testify of the turbulent history of Guadeloupe. Engraved rocks at Trois Rivières attest to the original population of the island by the first amer-indians having travelled from Venezuela. The walls crowned with canons at Fort Fleurs d’Epée (Bas du Fort) or Fort Delgrès (Basse Terre) still resonate from the many battles and canonades exchanged in the days of conquest wars and freebooting. Traditional colonial homes such as the Zévallos house or the houses in Pointe-à-Pitre, combining wood and wrought-iron, the testimonies of yesteryear are abundant, much to the enjoyment of history amateurs.

Due to the melting-pot of its nation and its diverse cultures imported from Africa and India, Guadeloupe is a land of faith. The Hindu temples like the one in Changy near Capesterre splashed with bright colors, the numerous churches and chapels, the cross-roads and other crucifixes confirm the settling of religion in Creole culture. But, at the foot of a cross, you may sometimes find a cockerel with its eyes pierced with cloves and melted candles revealing the practical adjustments of a catholic fervor crossed with animism and voodoo.

From this crucible civilization and these fertile lands bathed in sun, the practices have become trades and the ancestral expertise have been carried on to the greatest delight of visitors. Many coffee-plantations evoke the culture and processing of coffee. Several distilleries welcome rhum amateurs to their domains to reveal the mysteries that from the cane to alambic produced this precious brew that makes the West Indies proud. Orchids and other exotic flowers project spectacular colors at the Parc des Orchidées or the Domaine de Valombreuse.
Lastly, wood work (Pointe Noire), the sculpturing of coconuts (Saint François) or embroidery (Vieux Fort) are all artistic practices that produce such amazing creations.

Guadeloupe also offers an endless variety of contrasting landscapes and spots not only majestic but exceptional too. The soufrière, the chutes du Carbet, the saut de la Lézarde or the saut d’Acomat, the Grand Etang, the Salines, the Pointe des Châteaux, the mangrove and the Grand cul de sac Marin, the pointe de la Grande Vigie, the Portes d’Enfer, the Grands Fonds or the crossing road which goes through the Col des Mamelles are all source for amazement. Exotic scenery guaranteed !

But the most precious treasure in Guadeloupe resides in this Creole soul which shows on the surface every day in the markets and in the village streets, in its fêtes and carnival or the fête des cuisinières (celebration of its cooks), or even in its cockerel Pitts or its harnassed oxen races. In short, many details which are the charm of Guadeloupe and its nation.