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Off Pointe des Châteaux lies the island of La Désirade, desired by so many in its history ! From a distance, its shape looks like the keel of an upturned boat.

Life on La Désirade is timeless. Peace and simplicity characterize this tabular rock which is quite different from all the others in the archipelago. In fact nothing can disturb the tranquil atmosphere which reigns on the island, nor affect the authentic character and kind welcome of its inhabitants, mainly descendants of people from Brittany, Normandy and Poitou. Seven miles long (11 km) and just over a mile wide (2 km), it has magnificent beaches of white sand, sheltered by long coral reefs - a delight for swimmers and divers. Only the south coast is inhabited. There is one single, straight road linking Grande-Anse, the main market town, to the different communities, Les Galets, Le Souffleur and Baie-Mahault... La Désirade, just like the wild islands of Petite-Terre which are linked to it, has an astonishing variety of plant life. You will also find some beautiful and fascinating colonies of animals on the verge of extinction - iguanas, agoutis, tropicbirds, etc. Gradually the island is beginning to modernize and is gearing up for an appropriate scale of tourist development - beaches and organized hiking trails, gîte accommodations, and pleasant restaurants… La Désirade can be reached by sea (45 min from Saint-François), or by air (15 min from Pôle Caraïbes airport).