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In Marie-Galante, there is not much to do but a lot to be lived. You can experience a incomparable quality of life ! Safe from the touristic development and urbanization, Marie-Galante still offers authentic the charm of insularity and Guadeloupe of "Antan lontan" (long ago).

Being round and quite flat, Marie-Galante is the second largest island of the archipelago. It covers a surface of 156km2, so by car one can quicky drive around it. It is a part of the pointe de la Grande-Terre detached from the « continent » and isolated at sea. Vegetation is wild and tormented. The scenary is very beautful : the countryside is lightly undulated in the center, there are cliffs and rocky shores in the north and protected beaches of coral barriers in the south and the east. These beaches are one of the main attractions of the island because they are amongst the most beautiful of the Petites Antilles. Immaculate golden sand, coconut trees and raisin trees, transparent water…. The beaches of the Feuillère, of petite Anse, of the pointe de Folle Anse, of Anse Canot or the beach of "massacre" are many gorgeous places worthy of being put on a postcard. And what's more, apart from the weekend, they are often deserted!

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