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In Marie-Galante, there is not much to do but a lot to be lived. You can experience a incomparable quality of life ! Safe from the touristic development and urbanization, Marie-Galante still offers authentic the charm of insularity and Guadeloupe of "Antan lontan" (long ago).

Aside from the island's obvious assets, Marie-Galante has remained rural and lives in rhythm with the cultivation of the sugar cane. The countryside is covered with ruffled sugar canes with splashes of white. You can frequently come across carts on the roads, during harvest time, full of canes pulled along by oxen, on their way to one of the three distilleries : Bielle, Bellevue, or Poisson. Famous for its sugar and rum, the island is proud to produce some of the best rum in the West Indies: Father Labat's rum. You can visit the distilleries and enthusiasts can be introduced to the secrets of this exceptional beverage. Farming and fishing complete the economic picture of Marie-Galante.

Marie-Galante has kept various testimonials of its history and farming activity. Long ago called « one hundred windmill island », its hills are dotted with the vestiges of this era when the wind grinded the canes. Various Creole houses such as the Roussel house or the Château Murat, remind us of the sugar farming era.

Apart from this, there is not much else to see and it is prefereable because this is what makes the island charming, beyond the warm welcome, there is this languor and impression of suspended time which gently blows you along. Here, besides the tourists in a hurry here for the day, you can take your time on the island. No casinos or big complexes, everythng is simple, authentic, almost elementary and that is what is so charming about it. In the little picturesque villages many little restaurants are there to serve you dishes made with the secrets from days gone by. Finally, more active people won't be bored. Divers will be able to marvel over the exceptional and virgni sea bed, whilst others will be able to enjoy the wind on horseback. For families, the mangrove swamp opens up before canoos and pedalos to reveal the secrets of its immense biodiversity.

To get to Marie-Galante, a shuttle service concects the island to the « continent » morning and night. They leave from Pointe à Pitre or from Saint François and come to Grand-Bourg or Saint Louis. Although it may be tempting to hire a moped or scooter to explore Marie-Galante, it it best to make sure you have a hat and suntan cream or else beware of sunstroke and sunburn! It would be more sensible to go by car. Marie-Galante is visited for the beaches, people stay for the quiet and authenticity and never get tired of coming back again...

Tourist board of Marie-Galante:
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Fax: +590(0)590 97 56 54