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Situated 230 Km in the NW of Guadeloupe, Saint Barth for the locals, is a 25km2 rock that is dry and mountainous, atypical in the Caribbean. With no less than 22 beaches, this little paradise is today a haven of peace for the jet-set and other wealthy tourists.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus, the island wasn't populated straightaway. For a long time it was a protected hideout for the Caribs and the corsairs until it was ceded by France to the Swedish in exchange for the entrepôt rights at Göteborg. The main village of the island was then rechristened, after the king of Sweden Gustave III. Because of its new status of a free port, Saint Barthélemy experienced a brief prosperity until the arrival of steam sailing, when ships followed the northern road and preferred Saint Thomas to Saint Barthélemy. Destroyed by a hurricame then a fire in its capital in 1852, the island was at the end of its resources and was retroceded to France in 1878. Saint Barthélemy has been administratively attached to Guadeloupe since 1947.

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