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An Aquatic dream

Caressed by the trade winds, tempered by the ever present sun all year round, lashed by the Atlantic Ocean and lapped by the Caribbean Sea, the Guadeloupean archipelago is definitely blessed by the gods.

A treat for the eyes, first of all, as they encounter the incredible shades of blue of the Caribbean Sea. Then a treat for the senses with a range of water sports you won’t even be able to get through during your vacation. Stretching out on the sand with your toes dipped in the water, riding the sea on a jetski, diving in search of coral and sponges, seeing the wind swell your sails under an unblemished sky, finding out all about the nature reserve of Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin, taking a catamaran trip in search of white sand banks…

You can do anything in the water, and it feels so good ! Relaxation, stimulation, freedom, feeling good… Everyone will think your photos have been touched up, and that your vacation stories are a bit exaggerated.

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The Wonders of Nature

Getting away from it all to the “land of verdant hills”… Funny how this expression seems perfect for Guadeloupe.

For on Basse-Terre, if there is one color that stands out, it’s certainly green ! Or rather greens, for the ever changing light seems caught up in a play of colors with thousands of plant species. Trees ferns, epiphytic leaves, cannas, and wild orchid do their utmost to surprise the freshly landed visitors !
Learning to paint on Guadeloupue certainly changes your appreciation of color, as the desire to represent nature leads straight to the purest shades. The bitter, fresh smell of volcanic earth is just as compulsive as the bright splashes of color. This exotic picture is completed majestically by the roar of waterfalls in the forest and the crystal clear lapping of a gently cascading river – it all seems more dreamlike than real.

As Guadeloupe is the favorite terrain for sports and nature-based leisure activities, walks, exploring canyons, mountain biking, hikes and treks all give you the opportunity to soak in this rejuvenating bath of greenery.

Guadeloupean culture

Guadeloupean culture, shaped by its turbulent history and diverse ethnic mix, cannot be reduced merely to the term “Creolified”. A land of different influences – African, European, Indian and American – Guadeloupe is the guardian of a multiple identity, the bearer of a society which is constantly being transformed by new influences.

So there are several Guadeloupes to discover, depending on which little window you peek through. Back in vogue are Indian rites, the African memory or even the quadrille of the 17th century colonists. Of course that’s what entices lovers of the archipelago to come back again and again, and often stay for good. Guadeloupean culture, which has developed over a long period of time, is still taking shape today and will keep on evolving.

Finding out about it is a more tantalizing prospect than ever. Inside museums or in the open air you will find rich, charming expressions of the culture, and items from permanent or temporary exhibitions demonstrate extraordinary imagination and skill. In writing and painting you will find great names and symbolic works, and finally, music festivals will thrill and enchant everyone.All year round you can move to the beat of Guadeloupean culture, going along to events which highlight the traditions and customs - and joining in !

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A land of Flavors

On the Guadeloupe islands, the magic of the cultural melting pot and huge variety of spices has let a culinary genie out of the lamp, casting spells over the great Creole restaurants like the "roulottes de bokits". Being island-based brings a natural affinity with fish products, and Guadeloupe is indeed the second biggest consumer of fish in the world (per head of population). Fish bouillon, clam chowder, grilled lobster, and queen conch fricassee are some of the succulent dishes you’ll love tasting.

With more than a third of the land dedicated to farming, this agricultural and rural economy means there is a wide range of young vegetables. Guadeloupeans were ‘green’ before their time with their Creole gardens of fruit orchards and vegetable patches ! The culinary classics are still hearty dishes, eaten by all the family or at great festive meals.

And is that why Guadeloupeans are the biggest champagne drinkers in France ? Proof, if it’s needed, of the incredible fusion of cultures – Caribbean, European, Indian and African – enriched by the influences of the Middle East. Gourmets and gourmands alike will be overwhelmed by the fertile land of the Guadeloupe islands and its gastronomic expertise, relishing the delicious smell of a curry, tasting the sweet flesh of Julie mangoes, drinking a freshly squeezed juice made from “péyi” cherries, or savoring the aromas of a vintage rum.

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