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Whatever the structure choosen, it is recommended to book in advance with a tour operator or a specialized travel agency to take advantage of lower prices. Indeed, these tourism professionals benefit from commercial agreements which enable them to offer the best prices and packages including plane + accommodation + transfers.(Please note : agencies on the internet often offer the best deals. By commercializing their products exclusively on the Web, they avoid the catalogue charges and the commission of retailers and so their prices are the most competitive.)

The season you choose also has a strong influence on the price of your holiday. Between June and September, in low season, the prices can be up to 50% lower than the rates in high season. Moreover, during this period, beaches and touristic spots are deserted. Finally, in June and July, lnature explodes in a profusion of colors. The flamboyants set the roadside and gardens ablaze with their abundant bright red flowers are delightful !

The touristic success of the West Indies having yet to be denied associated with the tax exemption laws have contributed to the development of hotel infrastructure.
Nowadays, big international names are present and the quality of the sites and services allow competition with the other islands in the Caribbean.

These 3 or 4 star hotels are quite big and luxurious, with large turquoise water swimming pools, set in ample manicured tropical gardens, and oftentimes situated by the waterfront. The bedrooms are large, the beds are wide and comfortable, air-conditioned, with a television, an individual safe, and a hair dryer in the bathroom. Besides sports, a hotel offers entertainment and has one or several bars and restaurants.

There are more and more 2 star hotels in the West Indies. As a reply to real demands they offer more modest services but nonetheless they are quality services. They sometimes offer the character and authenticity that their big brothers lack.
Hotel residences
Hotel residences are mainly popular among clients with families who prefer autonomy. Studios and apartments are often equipped with a kitchenette to cook and often a loggia or a terrace to have meals. This is the only difference as hotel residences often offer the same services as hotels such as a big swimming pool, daily cleaning, linen and towels and sometimes entertainment.

Charming hotels
A new style of hotel has recently appeared which is more authentic and is a real success. Built in old Creole houses or inspired by the colonial style, these charming hotels offer top services: colonial furniture, refined decoration and an elegant atmosphere. Moreover, these places often enjoy a privileged position or an exceptional panorama. They are small structures that are quite intimate and some even refuse children to preserve the quiet and serenity of the place.

Gites are cheaper than hotels. They offer the conviviality that family and friends appreciate. The proximity of a host is also an important asset. Often extremely devoted and welcoming, gîte owners will do as much as they can to be friendly : a welcome at the airport, shared meals or apéritifs, the full refrigerator for your first breakfast,… These small gestures and good advice are all details that make a welcome excellent.

Services in gîtes vary from one structure to another. The quality of the bedding may not matter but studios and bungalows are always cozy with an equipped kitchen to prepare meals and a terrasse or loggia. Many gîtes also have a swimming pool. If you choose this type of accommodation, you will need a car. Even if in the West Indies you are never far away from the sea, gîtes are often more inland. But you do sometimes find gîtes near the sea but you need to book well in advance to benefit from such godsends.

When looking for peace, independence and intimacy, renting a villa has the advantage of being your home but in a friendly and exotic environment. There are many villas to rent in the West Indies. Whether made of wood or not, very comfortable or even luxurious they are often carefully decorated in the local style and perfectly equipped. The house linen is provided, the sheets are changed and the cleaning is done regularly. Many optional services are available. Villas to rent often have several bedrooms. For large families or groups of friends, renting can be the most economic solution. Unless you rent a villa by the sea, you need a car if you choose this type of accommodation. Even if you are never far from the sea in the West Indies villas on the sea front are very expensive and it is best to accept to get away from the beach to find reasonable prices.